• MIL Qualified Computers
  • Airborne Qualified Computers
  • JSS 55555 Qualified Computers
  • Marine Grade Computers
  • Railway Qualified Computers
  • Rugged Displays
  • Rugged Low Profile Servers
  • Rugged Standalone Switches
  • Rugged Routers
  • Rugged JSS 55555 Qualified Racks
  • Rugged Multi / Single Display Consoles
  • Qualified COTS Computers Boards on VPX, VME, CPCI on Intel / Power PC
  • Rugged GPGPU Solutions
  • Software Solutions for Camera Stabilization & Video Tracking
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Technical Support1

Thrikasa commitment to high-quality products is reinforced by our industry-leading customer service and support. Our talented engineers are dedicated to providing the highest quality support to all of our customers, and this is consistently proven by our exceptional customer feedback and testimonials.

When a support request is received at Thrikasa, it enters a multi-tiered escalation process that guarantees a quick and thorough response. Thrikasa customers can always speak directly to one of our engineers, each having the knowledge and experience necessary to assist with the development, integration, and use of our products. We strive to quickly respond to each support request, in an effort to shorten your development cycle and deploy your product to actual field quickly.

Contacting Support

Thrikasa Support can be contacted by filling out an on-line support request form, by email, or by phone/fax.

Online Support

Please register or login at our ONLINE SUPPORT TICKETING SYSTEM and fill out the form under Create Ticket menu with the requested information and a description of the problem you are encountering. Thrikasa will contact you shortly with an answer and the Ticket status shall be updated daily for users view.


Thrikasa Support team can be contacted by email support@thrikasa.in. Be sure to include your name, company, phone number, which product you are working with including Model / Serial No., and a description of the problem. We will contact you shortly with an answer.


Thrikasa Support is available directly by phone between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM (GMT +0530) during normal business days. Reach us at Phone +91 40 23260434 or Fax +91 40 23221045

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